Innovations in Incidence Geometry

Submission of new articles

Initial submissions are accepted in PDF only. Keep in mind that we require a LaTeX source file if your submission will be accepted, so it is advisable to prepare your initial file in LaTeX as well.

Articles which are accepted for publication, have to be prepared in LaTeX using our class file iig.cls. An example on how to use the class file can be found here.

NEW: The IIG class file now supports both BibTeX and amsrefs. To use BibTeX, download the BibTeX style file iig.bst, and use \bibliographystyle{iig}. To use amsrefs, make sure you are using the latest iig.cls file, and simply use it with the option [amsrefs]. (Do not load the amsrefs package yourself.)

The class file uses the Bitstream Charter font, which is installed by default on most LaTeX systems; if you get an error about missing fonts, you might have to install an additional package to get these fonts. (For example, on MiKTeX systems, the package is called

Please submit your paper only once. If you are asked for a revised version or if you want to submit a new version for some reason, do not resubmit on this page, but contact the editor directly.

If you encounter problems to submit your paper, please write a message describing your problems, to

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Proceedings "50 Years of Finite Geometry" (2014).

Submission of accepted articles

If your paper has been accepted for publication, you should go to the status page of your article. You received an automatically generated message when you initially submitted your article; please follow the link in this email message.

If you lost this message, simply type the email address that you used to initially submit your article, and a new message will automatically be sent to this email address.