Innovations in Incidence Geometry

IIG will soon become an MSP journal!

Volume 8 (Fall 2008)

Alessandro Montinaro
Flag-transitive and almost simple orbits in finite projective planes (1 - 37)

Susan G. Barwick, David K. Butler
A characterisation of the lines external to a quadric cone of PG(3,q), q odd (39 - 48)

Tim L. Alderson, Keith E. Mellinger
Partitions in finite geometry and related constant composition codes (49 - 71)

William E. Cherowitzo
Constructing the Tits ovoid from an elliptic quadric (73 - 79)

Antonio Pasini
A characterization of the geometry of large maximal cliques of the alternating forms graph (81 - 116)

Anton Betten, Gregory Cresp, Cheryl Praeger
Line-transitive point-imprimitive linear spaces: the grid case (117 - 135)

Hiroaki Taniguchi
On d-dimensional dual hyperovals in PG(2d,2) (137 - 145)

Satoshi Yoshiara
Dimensional dual hyperovals associated with quadratic APN functions (147 - 169)

Liangpan Li
Collinear triples in permutations (171 - 173)

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