Innovations in Incidence Geometry

IIG will soon become an MSP journal!

Volume 4 (Fall 2006)

John Bamberg and Tim Penttila
Transitive eggs (1 - 12)
Thomas Honold and Ivan Landjev
Caps in projective Hjelmslev spaces over finite chain rings of nilpotency index 2 (13 - 25)
Joris De Kaey, Alan Offer and Hendrik Van Maldeghem
On a characterization of the finite twisted triality hexagons using one classical ideal split Cayley subhexagon (27 - 52)
Andreas Wörner
Stable planes with a point transitive abelian group (53 - 61)
Mark Pankov
Base subsets of the Hilbert Grassmannian (63 - 68)
Jeffrey B. Farr and Petr Lisonek
Large caps with free pairs in dimensions five and six (69 - 88)
Szabolcs L. Fancsali and Péter Sziklai
About maximal partial 2-spreads in PG(3m-1,q) (89 - 102)
Ulrich Dempwolff and Marc Röder
On finite projective planes defined by planar functions (103 - 108)
Harm Pralle
Certain generalized quadrangles inside polar spaces of rank 4 (109 - 130)
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