Innovations in Incidence Geometry

IIG will soon become an MSP journal!

Volume 3 (Spring 2006)

Klaus Metsch
Small maximal partial ovoids of H(3,q2) (1 - 12)
Giorgio Donati and Nicola Durante
A subset of the Hermitian surface (13 - 23)
Wen-ling Huang
Adjacency preserving mappings on point-line geometries (25 - 32)
Michael Braun
Construction of a point-cyclic resolution in PG(9,2) (33 - 50)
Frank De Clerck and Nikias De Feyter
Projections of quadrics in finite projective spaces of odd characteristic (51-80)
Tatsuya Fujisaki, Jack H. Koolen and Makoto Tagami
Some properties of the twisted grassmann graphs (81 - 87)
Norman L. Johnson
Derivable Subregular Planes (89 - 108)
Nick Gill
Linear spaces with significant characteristic prime (109 - 119)
Alberto Del Fra and Antonio Pasini
The universal representation group of Huybrechts's dimensional dual hyperoval (121 - 148)
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