Innovations in Incidence Geometry

IIG will soon become an MSP journal!

Volume 14 (2015)

Bence Csajbók, Tamás Héger, György Kiss
Semiarcs with a long secant in PG(2,q) (1 - 26)

Alice M.W. Hui, Yee Ka Tai, Philip P.W. Wong
On the autotopism group of the commutative Dickson semifield K and the stabilizer of the Ganley unital embedded in the semifield plane Π(K) (27 - 42)

Satoshi Yoshiara
Disjoint unions of dimensional dual hyperovals (43 - 76)

Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace
Erratum to 'Buildings with isolated subspaces and relatively hyperbolic Coxeter groups' (77 - 79)
(The original paper appeared in Volume 10 of IIG.)

Satoshi Yoshiara
An elementary description of the Mathieu dual hyperoval and its splitness (81 - 110)

Ogul Arslan, Peter Sin
A remark on Grassmann and Veronese embeddings of PG(3,F) in characteristic 2
(111 - 117)

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