Innovations in Incidence Geometry

IIG will soon become an MSP journal!


Innovations in Incidence Geometry is an international journal which has started in 2005.

Managing Editors:
    Klaus Metsch, Leo Storme, Joseph A. Thas, Hendrik Van Maldeghem

Assistant Managing Editors:
    Tom De Medts, Koen Thas

Honorary Editor:
    Jacques Tits

    Peter Abramenko, Simeon Ball, Matthew R. Brown, Francis Buekenhout
    Philippe Cara, Antonio Cossidente, Hans Cuypers, Bart De Bruyn
    Theo Grundhöfer, Willem H. Haemers, James W.P. Hirschfeld, William M. Kantor
    Guglielmo Lunardon, Rudolf Mathon, Bernhard Mühlherr, Antonio Pasini,
    Stanley E. Payne, Ernest E. Shult, Tamás Szȍnyi

We invite you to submit an original research paper to this new journal. Manuscripts should be submitted via the web page Please consult this web page for all submission information.

Innovations in Incidence Geometry intends to publish carefully selected and peer-reviewed original research papers of the highest quality about all aspects of Incidence Geometry. These include

  • Finite Geometry,
  • Projective and Affine Planes,
  • Generalized Polygons and other Rank 2 Geometries,
  • Tits-Buildings and Diagram Geometries,
  • Geometry of Groups,
  • Galois Geometry,
  • Finite Algebraic Geometry,
  • Incidence Geometric Aspects of Algebraic Combinatorics.

The journal is an open access journal, so all published articles are immediately visible to the whole mathematical community.

We look forward to receiving a manuscript from you!

The Managing Office
    Klaus Metsch, Leo Storme, Joseph A. Thas, Hendrik Van Maldeghem,
    Tom De Medts, Koen Thas